With over 20 years in the bridal industry, the Wyatt brand is noted especially for a fabulous fit, an art perfected through the use of internal corsets and externally through the exquisite cut of each gown. Form is balanced through the masterful selection of fine fabrics – including tulle and silk backed satins, vintage style French laces, crepe de chene and shimmering silks and taffetas – which work together with meticulous detailing to create a couture-feel gown that is comfortable to wear.
Amanda’s personal experience, knowledge and expertise shows. Known for her unique and fabulous fit, Amanda’s gowns make you feel and look amazing with the internal corset and exquisite cut. The quality and palette of fabrics is second to none.
The sensational detailing and wealth of choice continues into her award winning accessories range. From listening to and understanding her bride, Amanda has created key pieces to both match and complement ensuring the bride completes her look for the style she has chosen for her special day .
Amanda Wyatt presents: Blue Iris, a collection of pretty, elegant and oh-so-chic gowns to suit nearly any style of bride. Simplicity is key with these gowns – Wyatt doesn’t depend on sparkling embellishments to add the glamour. Instead each gown exudes a sense of sophisticated style through sensationally fitted silhouettes, luxurious fabrics and understated but high-impact features such as delicate draping and lush lace appliqués.
We are a premier dealer of Amanda Wyatt and Amanda is a regular visitor here in Belladonna.
Prices range from €1,000 – €2,000